Sunday, August 17, 2008

INTELLECTION books & movies

What books or movies would you recommend for someone strong (or weak) in Intellection?


Matthias said...

My favorite business author is Peter Drucker. It is amazing how much I connect to his thinking and writing, much more than any other author with the exception maybe of the authors of "First Break All the Rules". I have tried to understand this from a talent point of view, and if I had to pin it down to one talent, it would be my Intellection talent, followed by my Focus talent to a lesser degree. One of Drucker's favorite expressions in my oppinion is "think through". Again and again, he emphasizes the need for managers to take enough time to think through the important issues, discuss them thoroughly, even to provoke disagreement. I believe that this resonates well with anyone who has Intellection and probably often feels a bit "odd" in this fast paced world where managers seem to be in an ever bigger hurry to produce results, make decisions and execute.

I can particularly recommend Drucker's "The Effective Executive", "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" and the thick "Management".