Sunday, August 17, 2008

DISCIPLINE quotations & proverbs

Please post your favorite quotes and proverbs with regard to the Discipline talent!
Le gustaría escribir una cita o proverbio que hable sobre el talento Disciplina?


Matthias said...

"No decision has been made unless carrying it out in specific steps has become someone's work assignment and responsibility. Until then, there are only good intentions."

Peter Drucker, in "The Effective Executive", p. 136

Matthias said...

“But what do Discipline and Context talents have to do with communication? At first glance, maybe not much -- and certainly not as obvious as Communication talents. But a strengths performance coach helped Sam figure out how to apply Discipline and Context talents to help him communicate. First, Sam used his Discipline talents to create a detailed and organized profile of each customer. Then he used his Context talents to learn as much as he could about a customer before delivering a presentation. This helped him understand how the product he was explaining during a presentation fit into the recent history of the customer's business. Rather than simply droning on about the product's features and benefits, Sam was able to make his presentations relevant to customers' specific needs and concerns.”

By Brian Brim, a Principal of Global Client Education with Gallup. Source: