Sunday, August 17, 2008

ANALYTICAL quotations & proverbs

Please post your favorite quotes and proverbs with regard to the Analytical talent!
Le gustaría escribir una cita o proverbio que hable sobre el talento Analitico?


Matthias said...

"Everything should be a simple as possible, but not simpler."

Albert Einstein

Matthias said...

A word of caution to people with Analytical:

"The most important thing about (defining) priorities and posteriorities is, however, not intelligent analysis, but courage!"

Peter Drucker in "The Effective Executive", p. 111

See also some of the quotations in Focus to understand this better.

Matthias said...

“Susan is a researcher at a consulting firm. Analytical is one of her top talent themes. Susan loves to probe problems and ask many questions. Her colleagues say that Susan continually "peels back the onion." This is a tremendous asset to her organization, as her in-depth analyses add real value for the company's clients.

The downside is that she sometimes doesn't know when to quit, and she can drive her colleagues crazy with what they perceive as her "endless questions." It also doesn't help that her e-mail messages, filled with data and analysis, can run many pages.”

By Brian Brim, a Principal of Global Client Education with Gallup. Source: