Sunday, August 17, 2008

INPUT books & movies

What books and movies would you recommend to someone strong (or weak) in Input?


Matthias said...

For Learner (and also Input, Individualization, Significance)

I am reading the great book "Learning Journeys - Top Management Experts Share Hard-Earned Lessons on Becoming Great Mentors and Leaders" from various editors and contributors. I quote from the front flap: "As the contributors of this book demonstrate, truly effective leaders have learned how to learn: they learn from all of life, all their lives long. ... They seize opportunities to learn wherever they find them." Among the contributors are Stephen Covey, Warren Bennis, James Collins, Nathaniel Branden.

Let me quote from the excellent Amazon book review of Michael Erisman which convinced me to buy this book: "The book is divided into eight different categories, including what were in my opinion the most insightful; "Unlearning what you thought was so", "Pain is a great teacher", and "Seeing yourself as others do". What makes this such an interesting read is that all these short essays within the eight topic areas reflect very personal insights into the people themselves. What events helped them learn and grow, what successes, or failures, helped them become who they are today?

We are given a rare glimpse into some very real personal experiences, in which we all can relate on some level. I was struck time and again at just how "normal" these leaders are, and behind the names, the publications, and the prestige of being well known and a leader in your field, are some remarkable stories of struggle and perseverance."