Sunday, August 17, 2008

ARRANGER books & movies

What books and movies would you recommend to someone strong (or weak) in Arranger?


Matthias said...

When we think about business strategy, I believe there is a tendency to think about competitive analysis, positioning, convoluted planning books; the kind of stuff that you usually learn in an MBA program and that probably delights people with Analytical, Strategic and Deliberative.

However, there are other ways to look at strategy formation, such as en emergent process, a process of negotiation, a reactive process, a collective process. I believe that these "schools" may appeal to people with Adaptability and Arranger.

Henry Mintzberg has done a great job in explaining all these different strategy schools in his book "Strategy Safari". I recommend it to people who would like to develop their Adaptability and Arranger in strengths related to business strategy.